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This ghost story quartet features “And the Sea Shall Comfort Thee,” which debuted in Skysong Press, and “Coming Home,” a winner in the Scare the Dickens Out of Us Contest.

Faithful in spirit to the traditional ghost story, these dead-of-night tales peer into the dark, eerie heart of the spirit world and hauntings to ask, “Who’s there and why?” The unexpected replies range from mystifying to whimsical; alarming to poignant.

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Four Great Ghost Stories to Give You a Chill

If you like your ghost stories to give you a tingle up the spine then these four tales are for you.

In the first story, “Coming Home”, we meet two couples whose only contact is through a house and a dog. Although you think you know where the story is going, it quickly moves off in a different direction and then leaves you with an ending guaranteed to take you by surprise.

The second story “Calling Mr. Philby” concerns one day in the life of Mr. Philby that deals with how a skeptic contends with being invited to a séance. In this light hearted story your understanding of Mr. Philby changes as his relationship with his host changes.

In “The Intruders” we share the thoughts and fears of Charlotte as she is forced to come to terms with strange noises from downstairs. She ultimately must answer the question “Who really belongs here?”

The book ends with a couple’s struggle to accept the loss of a son. “And the Sea Shall Comfort Thee” lifts back the veil to give us a momentary glimpse into the world beyond.

Throughout this collection of four stories you are struck by the imagination and sensitivity given the spirits who share this world with us. The quality of writing ranks right up there with the best authors. These are stories that you can enjoy not only for the ideas but for the prose as well. You will find yourself re-reading sentences, not because you missed something, but because you truly enjoy the words.

I have re-read this book now several times and enjoy it just as much each time. How To Gurus

Imaginative Haunting Tales

The author’s writing style is very eloquent, thought provoking and descriptive. I especially liked the Intruders story because we are selling our house and I am sure our energies will still be hanging around for the next buyers even though we are still alive. I love a good ending and Charlotte could finally let go of her suffering and transition to a more peaceful spirit filled place. One door closes and another door opens is true.

I also enjoyed the Sea story and finally the mother was able to experience her son’s closure with the beautiful poem the boy recited to her. The timing of messages thru ghosts or other means is critical when we need to hear them the most and can be receptive to these kinds of channels. Lynelle Goodreau

“I found this collection to be very well written and engaging. The stories were insightful and kept my interest through to the end…but it was the writing style that fully engaged me.
Very rarely do you get caught up in a story that takes you beyond the confines of your space, but Ms. Peirson does that with her spell of words. I really enjoyed each tale and would recommend this book, this collection, to anyone who enjoys a good story.”
Addicted to Stories

“Refreshing and well written ghostly short stories. Twist endings. Reminds me of writings from TV programs like the Twilight Zone by Rod Serling, Tales from the Crypt and Amazing Stories. Very talented author. Would encourage author to continue with her writings. Very refreshing.” P. Monville

“The short stories in this book are haunting rather than horrific. They speak of lost love, desperate decisions and love that goes beyond the grave. All beautiful in their own way.” Birdie T.

“This book was really good , hauntings and paranormal is something i am very interested in , as I live in a place that has a lot of ghost’s. Fredericksburg, VA. A very good read.” Terry W.




FanStory reviews of more stories by Patricia Peirson:

You have an incredibly beautiful voice and it really should be out there for all to see.” Marilyn G.

I sincerely hope you don’t miss dancing any more. Because you’ve found another, magical kind of dance to do – with story and words.” Kate W.

How wonderful that you were gifted with a great imagination.” Sam L.

 “Great work, it was a joy to read.” Alexis

“A beautiful story full of wild imaginings and perfectly written.” Diane M.


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