Patricia Peirson was born and raised in sunny Southern California. From the age of seven, she was immersed in the world of ballet, with a growing love for storytelling through dance. Also an avid reader, she was drawn to mysteries, gothic romances, adventure stories, and tales of the supernatural, and in time developed an enthusiasm for all things Greek, especially mythology. Added to this was an adventurous spirit that led her as an adult to sojourn for a time in Europe and Hawaii. As Patricia’s passion for writing took hold, this magic brew of interests and experiences infused her work.
Her short story “Coming Home” was a winner in the Scare the Dickens Out of Us contest. Published pieces include “And the Sea Shall Comfort Thee,” a tale of love, faith, and healing; “The Emperor’s New Rags,” a children’s play; four commissioned pieces for Zaner-Bloser’s Voices Reading series; and two produced indie film scripts. She also has authored a score of commissioned guides to literature and a quartet of ghost stories, Haunted Tales from the Dead of Night.
Patricia is currently seeking representation for her debut fantasy novels Children of the Pearl and Quest for Gryphon Gold. Contact Patricia