10 Fantasy Clichés and Ideas to Change Them by Gabrielle Rhody

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 Gabrielle Rhody introduces “10 Fantasy Clichés and Ideas to Change Themwith a provocative observation:

“Walk into any book store, and you will find shelves and shelves of fantasy books. But the same clichés run through most of them, and many are so predictable that you only have to read the back cover to guess the entire plot. “

While exploring problem clichés, the author suggests clever ways to approach them from a fresh perspective. Her suggestions are creative springboards that will help writers transform the overused and commonplace into something new and intriguing.

Coming from a storytelling background in dance, my first two novels, Children of the Pearl and Quest for Gryphon Gold, are unsurprisingly fantasy works. So, I eagerly read Gabrielle Rhody’s article to see how my writing measured up. “10 Fantasy Clichés and Ideas to Change Them” is guaranteed to  get you thinking about those clichés in your own works in progress.

Enjoy! And feel free to share your thoughts. Comments are always welcome. 

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