🐬 “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then, always be a mermaid.” – Anonymous 🐬

round-framed image of fish and a seated mermaid who is gazing up towards the ceiling of the seaAncient myths. Sworn accounts by seafaring folk. Timeless folktales. Modern fantasies like Children of the Pearl. Mermaids have enchanted us since the world was young. They spark our imagination and add their mystery to the sea.

Since the early 2000s, the adventurous among us have been diving into their world.

Mermaiding is an art and a skill, much like other aquatic sports such as diving or synchronized swimming. But beyond strength and form, it adds the beauty of a flowing, mermaid tail costume and achieves the smooth grace of a mermaid’s movements.

Mermaiding is fun, healthy, and a wonderful way to meet like-minded free spirits (water spirits, that is!).

To transform from Landfolk to Merfolk, immerse yourself in the Mermaid Spirit and explore Mermaid Realms.

 Then dive into this “Swim Like a Mermaid—How To Guide for Beginners.”


sea and sky and glimpse of a mermaid tail


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